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Rhubarb Easter Scones

This English classic isn’t just good for a delicious afternoon tea, but is also a great breakfast dish as well as a very happy partner to matcha tea or turmeric latte. I personally love scones with a homemade compote or jam, topped with whipped coconut milk.

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Wild Brownies

Would you like to know how these brownies got their “wild” adjective? I had a friend taste them and guess the ingredients. He had no idea but when I told him that there were white beans in them, he said “ah, a wild brownie”. Pretty wild, these brownies, I have to agree!


Beetroot and Chocolate Cake

Ich bin ein riesen Fan des heimischen Superfoods, der Roten Beete. Die Knolle ist sehr gesund und extrem vielseitig einsetzbar. Viele, die mich hier schon länger verfolgen wissen, was für ein riesen Rote-Beete-Fan ich bin. Die Knolle ist nicht nur wunderhübsch rot, sondern auch sehr gesund und extrem vielseitig einsetzbar.

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Gluten-free Apple and Cinnamon Buns

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This old saying is still making the rounds – and rightly so. The 10th of November was National Apple Day. I took this as an opportunity to let this ubiquitous fruit inspire me to create Swedish Kanelbullar with apple juice and a delicious apple centre.


Nutty Plum Cake with Chocolate and Red Wine

Any one who’s ever met me knows that I love an eccentric mix. I’ve recently paid a visit to my friend Andrea at her magical Schrattenthal castle. The castle is surrounded by meadows with the most beautiful flowers and Andrea also grows wonderfully sweet tomatoes, aromatic herbs and sundry fruit in her gardens. When I got there, a sizeable amount of ripe plums was already waiting to be picked.

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Cherry Meringue Cake

I’ve always been a cherry person – but even more so since I now have my very own cherry tree in the Schrattenthal valley. Even as a child, cherries were my absolute favourite summer fruit that had a variety of uses aside from just being a delicious snack, from competitive cherry pit spitting to us girls using cherry pairs as decorative ear accessories.

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Grilled Apricot with Vanilla Ice Cream and Pistachios

Looking for a simple but delicious summer dessert? Let me help you with that!

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Pimp my Kaiserschmarren

Austrians like their pastries and sweet dishes: palatschinken (pancakes), Salzburger nockerl (a type of soufflé), Sachertorte (the legendary chocolate cake), apple strudel, apricot dumplings, buchteln (jam-filled yeast rolls) and germknödel (yeast dumplings). One of the classic Austrian sweet dishes is the so-called schmarren, or more specifically, the Kaiserschmarren (literally translates to Emperor’s Mess), a huge, delicious heap of shredded pancake, eaten with jam.


Besuch im Seewinkel: Alles über die Zucchiniblüte

In der Früh schüttete es noch aus Kübeln, aber der Wetterbericht kündigte bereits blauen Himmel und Sonne für den Nachmittag im südlichen Seewinkel an, genauer genommen im burgenländischen Wallern beim Bio-Bauernhof von Heidi und Anton Peck. Nicht umsonst wird dieser Ort als die sonnenreichste Region Österreichs bezeichnet. Hier fand vergangen Samstag eine Veranstaltung der besonderen Art statt. Beim Ja!Natürlich Format „Aus Bauernhand“, bei dem es um das Bewusstsein für Bio-regionale Lebensmittel geht, stand bei der Familie Peck das Thema Bio-Zucchini-Blüte im Vordergrund.

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Steamed Apricot Dumplings

I have a new favourite toy in my kitchen – a food steamer. Even though steaming food isn’t a new cooking method but has been quite popular for a long time, I’ve just now really discovered it for myself. This works by letting food steam or poach, and using the latest equipment, it’s very easy, saves time and is healthy to boot!


Peach, Berry and Cocoa Galette

Whether you eat the ones with white, yellow or red pulp – they all taste divine. And not just as an in-between snack, but also in desserts, in and on cakes, in salads, sauces and chutneys – nectarines taste as good as peaches.  They go very well in punchbowls or as an excellent partner to white wine.

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Cooking means Creativity

Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world. This quote by Brene Brown pretty much exactly expresses how I feel. My blog is supposed to be like a medium, a way to share my “creations” with the outside world. What I want to say and how I feel, my own personal creativity is what ends up in my photographs, my designs, my illustrations, texts and the creation of new recipes. Creativity has so many layers and it motivates me every single day.

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