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Gifts from Nature and a Delicious Raspberry and Poppy Seed Cake

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure. Her son, Eros, is the god of love and stood for everything that’s erotic in this world. Up to this day, many foods and spices are said to have an aphrodisiac effect on us, aptly named after the most sensual of goddesses.

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On Oranges, Vitamin C and a Delicious Orange and Almond Cake Recipe

It’s the same deal every year: as the outside temperatures decrease, the pre-Christmas stress increases and of course – hello to the runny nose! My own personal immune system boost is ginger – daily. although in the mornings, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice might be more to your taste – I’m currently having one of those every day as well. It’s common knowledge that oranges are full of vitamin C and strengthen our immune system, but today, I’ll tell you much more about the most popular of vitamins as well as about our favourite orange citrus fruit…


Juicy Buckwheat Cake with Chocolate, Carrots and Apple

It’s the weekend, it’s snowing outside and in here, it’s warm and cosy. A perfect afternoon to bake a cake, invite friends over for tea and coffee and enjoy the run-up to Christmas. Here’s one of my favourite cake recipes and, best of all, it’s gluten-free…  

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