My love for food...

...probably started when I was a teenager and discovered baking. The cooking came later. When I was 21 years old, I was diagnosed with coeliac disease, an auto-immune disorder resulting in a hypersensitivity to gluten. This required me to take a very close look at what I was eating. The resulting changes in diet signified a huge change in my life and since I had to start reading every label on every food packaging from then on, a keen interest in nutrition followed naturally and so did a change of my major at university: to one in health management.
You will find numerous delicious gluten-free recipes on my blog for this very personal reason.

In my previous job at KochAbo, where I worked from 2013 to 2015, I had to create new recipes daily, cook them and taste them. What a great job that was! I'm a trained nutrition coach, so there's quite a bit of content on that on my blog. In October 2014, I won the AMA Food Blog Award in the category Newcomer and was runner-up at the Food Blog Award Germany in the category Best Design, both accolades a huge honour. Since April 2105, I've been running my own business as a blogger, food photographer, food stylist, chef and consultant for healthy nutrition and menu concepts.

As a trained food photographer and stylist, I hope my images will make your mouth water and want to read on. Alongside recipes, food photography, posts on nutrition and news in the food sector, you can also find my very own food illustrations on this blog.

„You have to break eggs to make an omelette!”

…or rather: create something!" Breaking eggs isn't exactly alarmingly risky (except when you're trying to separate egg whites and yolks properly); but the point here is to create something new with lots of inspiration and know-how, like this food blog, which I would like to be as interesting and original a read as possible!

Austrian nutritional scientist Hanni Rützler, who taught me quite a few things about food trends, gets straight to the heart of the matter: „...it's so essential but at the same time subtle, it's normal but outside the norm, it's a wonderful mirror of the self, of movement, of change and identity... versatile and always exciting." 

Versatile and always exciting - that's it! To me, food and nutrition don't just mean eating and drinking, it's the most beautiful essential activity in our daily lives. It inspires me, nourishes me, warms me and brings me closer to the people I love, for what is more sociable and inclusive than eating? Taste is one of the five senses, but at the same time it's a magical social glue. What would a birthday be without cake and friends, how sad would Christmas be without cookies and family, a wedding without a colourful banquet celebrated with family and friends, even business deals are made during lunch or dinner the world over. Food is a core component of many gatherings and roundtables and brings people together like nothing else in the world.

„Without curiosity, there is no creative process,
no revolutionary fashion, no imaginative cuisine,
no independent socialisation“.

I found this quote years ago in a newspaper, and it's still my favourite. Curiosity is one of the traits I have in spades and I think it's a huge advantage when working in a kitchen or in the area of nutrition. Curiosity is, if you will, the essence of any good recipe. How else would someone have discovered that beetroot doesn't just work well in a salad but can also be used as veggie crisps, in a risotto, as a soup, in combination with sheep's cheese and honey, as a juice or in a hazelnut cake with walnuts and horseradish?

I hope my curiosity has started to rub off on you and I wish you an interesting and exciting rummage through my blog!


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