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Power Cookies

I used to have to make a daily trip to the health food store in order to stock up with foods I couldn’t get anywhere else – gluten-free products, more specifically. Now, supermarkets all over the place have started offering gluten-free and health foods (following several gluten- and other allergy hypes), but health food stores are still my very own food shopping paradise. Every time I’m there, I’m fascinated by the progress in the health food and organic sectors and specialty areas like veganism.

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Salzburg Summer Escape in Kaprun

  My new favourite activity is my own personal urban exodus, aka the “summer escape”. Particularly in these temperatures. This never used to be a big deal for me, as my home county of Vorarlberg offers myriad close connections to lakes, forests and mountains. Vienna, on the other hand, where the asphalt in the summer retains temperatures that are probably similar to the underworld itself, never gives your body an opportunity to breathe. Whenever this time of year comes around, I tend to sit myself down in an air-conditioned train carriage for 6 or so hours and go home, giddily excited about my trip to the Bregenzerwald forest and my mountain cabin.


Torta al Limone from Capri

What do I associate with Italy? Parmesan, buffalo mozzarella, really good olive oil, pasta, pizza and gelato – in a word: fantastic food. And of course spirited people, amazing holidays and great fashion. When Natalie of COOKING magazine came for a visit, I served my three favourite Italian dishes. As visits at the local Italian restaurant are usually a bit disappointing for me, since I’m not allowed to eat either pasta or pizza, I’ve collected my very own top gluten-free Italian recipes. They were mostly discovered on vacation but are a highlight all year round – like the Torta al Limone from Capri.

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Life will be sweet – Brownies

…or, as I like to say:„When life gives you lemons, make lemonade“. My personal pile of lemons is coeliac disease – my body can’t process gluten. The delicious lemonade I have turned this into is my blog plus all my other activities like food styling and photography…. This blog entry is dedicated to Julia, who adds some sugar to her life with her motto “Life will be sweet”, which is also the name of her blog. Julia suffers from a rare condition called Mola hydatidosa.


Deluxe Cooking Class with Andi Schweiger in Munich

We’re different! Us food bloggers – we’re a very eccentric tribe. Every time I meet up with fellow foodies and spend an entire day talking about eating, food trends and food photography, I realise it anew. Last weekend, I attended a very special food blogger meeting in Munich where we all met up for a cooking class with Andi Schweiger. The participants were winners of the FoodBlog Award and this was our prize from the Berlin event last November.

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Low-Carb Muffins with Poppyseed and Coconut Oil

Low-carb here, there and everywhere… Lowering or eliminating carbohydrates is in everybody’s mouth, so to speak. Mostly, the goal of a low- or no-carb diet is to lose weight. My low-carb muffins however weren’t created for weight loss but rather as part of my quest to bake delicious flourless muffins. And lo and behold – the path led to success!

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Healthy, Flourless Chocolate Cake

Again, one of those guilt-free cakes!? Of course this one contains natural fats and agave syrup as a sweetener, but it does completely do away with flour and conventional sugar – and one very peculiar ingredient makes it extra soft and juicy.

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Fondue Dip & “Punschkrapferl” Petits Fours – Happy New Year!

And it’s the end of the year again! I don’t know about you, but for me, 2014 just flew by. Maybe because it was one event after the other, maybe because I experienced so many amazing things, worked incredibly hard and enjoyed a ton of unforgettable, happy and funny moments – but 2014 was definitely my year.


The Date Loaf

A deliciously rich feast for the palate during the holiday season  This one must be one of the quickest and healthiest recipes I’ve ever come across. It happened after a 24-hour flight to Sydney: I was with my host family and completely jet lagged. I just wanted to go to sleep, but Alicia, my host “sister”, had already organised an elaborate coffee and cake affair with all her friends. One of the dishes on the table was the heavenly date loaf. That was last year, just before Christmas and this year, with Christmas just around the corner again, I couldn’t get this bread out of my head. I’ve never really tried making it myself before, but now that I have, I’m certain it will make a frequent appearance on my dinner table.

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Chocolate Cake with Beetroot

My ode to the beetroot:  Some of you may have noticed that I am a huge beetroot aficionado. It’s not just the stunning red bulb that got me, but also the fact that beetroot is healthy as well as extremely versatile. You can use it in classic salads, turn it into veggie crisps, add it to risotto, make soup out of it, combine it with sheep’s cheese and honey, juice it and even use it as an ingredient for an absolutely excellent chocolate cake.


Shortbread – The Christmas Spirit of Scotland

So I have a bit of a thing for the Scots. There’s Braveheart, Sean Connery (my favourite Bond), Nessie and, of course, Bruce, my host Dad in Australia. Then there’s tartan, kilts, Edinburgh and the entire wonderful, beautiful country full of lovely people and their very special language…

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Krampus for St. Nicholas

Have you been good this year? At least some of the time? Then you’re getting a little goody-bag for St. Nicholas Day! And since “stubborn, sassy and grumpy” can be exhausting as well, the less goody-two-shoe among you will get a horde of Brioche-Krampus snacks. They’re really way too delicious to be given out as any kind of punishment but are an ideal gift for St. Nicholas and pre-Christmas celebrations. So start your ovens early…

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