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Flourless Blueberry Pancakes

The one thing that’s really important to me when it comes to recipes? They must be unusual and creative. Additionally, I want to show that we all know and already cook with many foods which are naturally vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free and that these kinds of dishes are not only exciting but can also be delicious as well as healthy.

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Be my Valentine…

„You should always give in to temptation; who knows when it will come around again”. In this case, the temptation can be filed under healthy snacking and since it’s Valentine’s Day, is definitely worth giving in to. Do you already have a Valentine’s Day planned for your loved one? I’ve got a magical snack for you, which will reduce the object of your affection to a puddle of bliss. These also work as an office in-between mini-meal or a seductive dessert.


Beetroot and Cocoa Brownies

As many of you have noticed, I’m fiddling around with raw and superfoods at the moment. The apple of my eye, my Thermomix, is chiefly responsible for the success of anything involving batter and dough in my kitchen. It quickly turns nuts and dried fruits into a sticky mass, which is ideal for raw cheesecakes and the like. It also takes less than a minute to turn rice into rice flour or cashew nuts and water into a heavenly cashew milk.

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Turmeric – A Yellow Miracle

Turmeric turns things a beautiful yellow. It is used as a spice as well as a dye. Dishes with turmeric have a tenderly bitter and mild, peppery flavour. Turmeric belongs to the ginger family and in some languages is also called yellow ginger or yellow root.


Chia Seed Pudding

The first time I was introduced to chia seeds was 7 years ago at a coeliac expo. At the time, they were completely unknown and not really sold anywhere. 2 years later, I took a trip to New York, which changed my attitude and exposure to chia seeds considerably. They were also already popular in Australia. It took a few years, however, until they made their way across the pond to us. At this point there’s a veritable chia hype, even over here, and everybody is familiar with these little miraculous seeds.

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Raw Food Christmas Cookies

In the press, raw food is already being hailed as the next big trend. Unsurprisingly it comes from the US – from California, to be exact – and the beautiful and eternally youthful as well as those who aspire to be either or both, swear by it. So Hollywood has got itself a new hype, but one that’s actually healthy, low-calorie and more versatile than it seems at first glance! But most importantly: the raw foodies of today have very little in common with the grazers and crudité-nibblers of lore.

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Der Duft von Weihnachten & Rum-Lebkuchen

Die Zeit von Ende November bis Weihnachten ist für mich einfach magisch. Viele Kindheitserinnerungen sind damit verbunden, wie das Laternenfest oder Nikolofeier im Kindergarten, das Basteln und Kekse Backen zu Hause, der erste Schnee, Weihnachtsmarkt und Adventkalender… Und all das Aufregende und Stimmungsvolle, das Besinnliche und Zauberhafte dieser Wochen.

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Gluten-free Gugelhupf

When your Grandma doesn’t exactly live around the corner, which renders her Gugelhupf and milky coffee sadly beyond easy reach, what is there to do but roll up your sleeves and get baking. My own remote-granny dilemma gave rise to a gluten-free afternoon get-together with friends. Our aim: trying out a variety of gluten-free cakes and pastries.


Directly from the Farm – Autumn Journey to the Waldviertel

Of course I’m very conscious of where my produce comes from and how it’s farmed. But it’s tricky to continuously be super aware of exactly how your lettuce, pumpkin, meat and all the other ingredients that go into a dish are handled from seed to harvest every time you shop at the supermarket. So I was delighted when Ja!Natürlich started the project “Aus Bauernhand” (directly from the farm) which gives interested consumers who want to shop sustainably the opportunity to look behind the curtains. This means being able to get a 360° view of food production via portraits, videos, stories and a huge feast with 4 to 5 courses featuring sustainably farmed products.

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Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.

“Self-employed”. That’s been me for the last 6 months! As a food blogger and a food photographer. Many people find this choice bizarre, and the most frequent question I’ve been asked when telling people what I do is “can you survive just being a blogger?” Austrian TV asked themselves the same question and ended up interviewing me for their “Thema” show.


Energy Brownies with Power Spices

At the moment I’m really into super- and powerfoods. I’m fascinated with food that gives my body energy and strength. Everything we eat influences our health and mood, so the powerfood list includes quite a few special ingredients.

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Culinary Delights at the Forsthofgut

It’s mostly the currently absolutely hellish temperatures that drive me from my beloved Vienna and into the countryside every weekend. I’ve already told you about my wonderful mini-break to Leogang – the multiple course menu, created by the Kirchenwirt chef and eaten in front of an absolutely stunning panorama of the Leoganger Steinberg mountains was an experience I won’t ever forget. No less impressive and relaxing: my stay at the Forsthofgut.

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