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Directly from the Farm – Autumn Journey to the Waldviertel

Of course I’m very conscious of where my produce comes from and how it’s farmed. But it’s tricky to continuously be super aware of exactly how your lettuce, pumpkin, meat and all the other ingredients that go into a dish are handled from seed to harvest every time you shop at the supermarket. So I was delighted when Ja!Natürlich started the project “Aus Bauernhand” (directly from the farm) which gives interested consumers who want to shop sustainably the opportunity to look behind the curtains. This means being able to get a 360° view of food production via portraits, videos, stories and a huge feast with 4 to 5 courses featuring sustainably farmed products.

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Sago Porridge & Paper Tiger

My trip to Sri Lanka was almost 4 months ago and I’m still feeding off it! It’s the travel destination on everybody’s lips and I can warmly recommend it to everybody. While I was there, I took part in an amazing wellbeing week hosted by a group called Paper Tiger and held at Talalla Retreat.


Kulinarik & Kunst mit Audi

Was ich mit dem Arlberg verbinde? Endlose Tiefschneepisten, die wunderschönsten Winterurlaube und natürlich Heimat. Auch wenn St. Anton bereits zu Tirol gehört, verbinde ich mit diesem Ort Heimatsgefühl. Vergangenes Wochenende durfte ich den Arlberg einmal in seiner vollen Sommerpracht genießen. Das bedeutet grasgrüne Wiesen und stolze Berge!

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Salzburg Summer Escape in Kaprun

  My new favourite activity is my own personal urban exodus, aka the “summer escape”. Particularly in these temperatures. This never used to be a big deal for me, as my home county of Vorarlberg offers myriad close connections to lakes, forests and mountains. Vienna, on the other hand, where the asphalt in the summer retains temperatures that are probably similar to the underworld itself, never gives your body an opportunity to breathe. Whenever this time of year comes around, I tend to sit myself down in an air-conditioned train carriage for 6 or so hours and go home, giddily excited about my trip to the Bregenzerwald forest and my mountain cabin.


Cherry Preserves at the Cherry Festival

You have probably heard of „Urban Gardening“ or of projects that let you rent or buy a piece of land or an allotment and grow your own vegetables. A very practical option if you don’t have your own garden and your balcony is too small – particularly for a tree. So I was delighted when last April, I received my very own cherry tree for my birthday – well, a tree sponsorship, rather.

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Deluxe Cooking Class with Andi Schweiger in Munich

We’re different! Us food bloggers – we’re a very eccentric tribe. Every time I meet up with fellow foodies and spend an entire day talking about eating, food trends and food photography, I realise it anew. Last weekend, I attended a very special food blogger meeting in Munich where we all met up for a cooking class with Andi Schweiger. The participants were winners of the FoodBlog Award and this was our prize from the Berlin event last November.

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The Last Betonküche Dinner by Bernadette Wörndl

This is an hommage to Bernadette Wörndl… and a sad goodbye to the Betonküchen! As a bit of a consolation, I’ll share with you Bernadette’s cover image recipe: Colourful Carrot Tagine with Ras el-Hanout, Millet, Celery Mash and Saffron Quince A vegetarian dinner by Bernadette Wörndl at the last Betonküche event. I just had to be there. Reason 1: The Betonküche is ending (sad face), 2. Bernadette Wörndl (she’s actually been Bernadette Salinger for a little while now) and 3. because: a vegetarian dinner (particularly when it’s made by Bernadette Wörndl).

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50 x Fish for MAK’s Feldküche

Holidays at home, 2 days of sunshine and one phone call: I was just settling in on my balcony, snuggling into a deckchair with my newly bought cookbook “Honestly Healthy: Eat with your Body in Mind, the Alkaline Way”, when I received a phone call from Feldküche’s Martin Fetz inquiring, in his charming dialect, whether I had plans for August 31st. I thought about it for a second, said no, and a moment later, I was assigned cheffing duty. But the plan wasn’t just a leasurely afternoon with a bit of cooking, but instead a huge task of preparing a meal for 50 people – a main course of fish with all the bells and whistles…


Schnuraln in Salzburg Leogang & Salzburger Erdäpfel Nudei

SCHNURALN. Ever heard of it? I hadn’t until recently. Now, I’m not only familiar with the name, but I was lucky enough to have been asked to spend an entire weekend in the wonderful Leogang in Salzburg. Lucky bugger that I am, I was invited to the Pinzgauer mountains by the Saalfelden Leogang Tourisitk in order to eat the best multiple-course menus in the area, make my own soap, experience an E-Bike tour, go on a hike and, last but not least, attend a cooking seminar featuring local delicacies.

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6 Months of Foodtastic: Win a Kenwood Jug Blender

Wow, time flies! Foodtastic, my very own blog, is over 6 months old! Happy Birthday! I really wanted to write this post and feature the sweepstakes on the 5th of June, the very day of my half-year anniversary. Unfortunately, I had to postpone it all due to a cookbook shoot and a calendar that was full to bursting. But now I’m making it all up to you with a beautiful, yellow Kenwood jug blender Standmixer von Kenwood! I’ve got this one at home myself, and I absolutely love it! I use it to mix my own smoothies daily, they’re my so-called „awesome day starters“…


Vegan Weeks with KochAbo & my Favourite Recipes

As many of you know, my blog is my private and KochAbo my business realm of activity. There, I create 6 new recipes every week and road test them.  Recently, I had the pleasure of cooking lots of vegan dishes with Andrea, the owner of a new vegan hotspot in Vienna called deli bluem. So KochAbo will feature vegan recipes for two whole weeks, all powered by deli bluem. More info and three great vegan recipes are coming up…

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Vibrant Power Salad with Quinoa, Avocado and Feta

I’ve created this recipe especially for the Bodensee Frauenlauf (Bodensee Women’s Run). I’m from the Bodensee region and a bit sporty myself, so I was very excited to contribute to this great campaign. The reason why this salad is such a great pre-activity hit with runners and other athletes of all ilk – it’s all in the ingredient composition…

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