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Oscars, Michelin and Other Stars

It’s crystal clear – stars appear in movies and in the circus and Oscars are awarded for best actor/actress, screenplay, direction, music and more. Those other stars, the Michelin kind, are bestowed on top chefs. Does this all mean there’s no chance for people like us to ever get one of those coveted trophies? Maybe there is…

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Fish Cookery Class at Babette’s

Do you know Babette’s on Schleifmühlgasse in Vienna’s 4th district? If not, then it’s high time you do. It’s a store where veritable culinary treasures are sold by the lovely Nathalie, the store’s owner. She probably sells all the cookbooks that have ever let our hearts beat faster. And – you can sign up to various cookery classes as well.  I chose the seasonal fish dish cookery course, as cooking fish isn’t as common in these parts as cooking meat. I always wanted to know how to fillet and debone fish and the prospect of wowing my guests with extraordinary fish recipes on a regular basis very much appealed. So I went. You can find pictures and a few of the recipes here… <!-

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