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Quinoa Balls on a Colourful Bed of Leaves

I like a good texture in a dish, particularly in a salad – a crispy, soft, crunchy etc component. This salad right here has it all – and instead of mixing the quinoa under, I’ve turned it into pretty balls.

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Australia-Inspired Black Rice Salad

Most of you will have noticed my trip to Australia last month. I went to a ton of restaurants there, sampled their food and once again had to concede that there aren’t many countries I’ve seen with such a large number of unbelievably amazing places to eat. To me, a great restaurant has a creative selection of fresh and delicious dishes, a consistent food concept and a stunning ambience.


MUNDART. Trout Ceviche

The project couldn’t have been any more serendipidous. A cookbook, around my home county of Vorarlberg, created with people sharing my passion. When Vorarlberg publishing house edition v approached me with this idea, the only possible answer was yes.

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#haubenjagd and Trout Ceviche

Last week, I teamed up with top chef Lukas Olbrich and together, we cooked 2 dishes for the Dinner & Casino menu, which will be available from tomorrow up to and including the 6th of September at Cuisino Wien Kärntnerstraße, Vienna. This cooperation with Cuisino Wien has the hashtag #haubenjagd.


Cooking means Creativity

Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world. This quote by Brene Brown pretty much exactly expresses how I feel. My blog is supposed to be like a medium, a way to share my “creations” with the outside world. What I want to say and how I feel, my own personal creativity is what ends up in my photographs, my designs, my illustrations, texts and the creation of new recipes. Creativity has so many layers and it motivates me every single day.

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Bright Fruit and Veg Salad

I like my food bright and beautiful. Food is a matter of presentation as well as taste, as we know. And colourful food usually means lots of fruit and vegetables, which in turn means tons of vitamins and nutrients.

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Quinoa and Sweet Potato Salad

This sweet potato and quinoa salad is ready in no time. A bright and colourful taste explosion which, when filled in a jar, is the ideal snack on the go and which features baked sweet potato, warm quinoa and fresh baby leaf spinach as well as a bit of sweetness courtesy of pomegranate seeds and honey. Enjoy!

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Colourful Summer Salad

„The earth has music for those who listen“ – George Santayana When I was wandering around Vienna’s Yppenmarkt during the Vienna Foodie Quest festival recently, I was overwhelmed by the colourful beauty of the produce and flowers on offer. Bright petals in all colours of the rainbow, shiny red and yellow tomatoes, rare and unusual herbs, lavender as far as the eye could see – and my absolute favourite: the Chioggia beet, a red and white striped root vegetable.


Crunchy Brokkoli-Salat mit Cranberries

To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of broccoli– at the most, I tolerated it fried in bread crumbs, like my family cooked it way back when. But I think the previously boring broccoli has shed its dusty image at this point – probably owing to the green smoothie hype as well as the little-known fact that this vegetable isn’t just pretty but can also taste amazing.

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Quinoa Superfood Salad with Shiitake Mushrooms

Salad in the cold season? Of course, particularly if it’s chock-full of superfoods and is warm and really filling at the same time. It’s an ideal lunch that gives you enough energy for a productive afternoon. Contains a ton of proteins, vitamins and minerals.


Colourful Root Vegetable and Fig Salad

Figs intrigue me. They’re not just delicious, they’re sensuous. Something about them fascinates me, but I can’t really put my finger on what it is.

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Cevapcici Reloaded

My never-ending summer… I’m sure you know what I mean when I say “never-ending summer”. I don’t think I’ve ever had such an amazing and long summer and such an absolutely wonderful holiday in my native country: weekends in Salzburg, Zell am See and Leogang, several culinary highlights in St. Anton, visiting family in Vorarlberg, swimming in the Attersee and hiking in the Salzkammergut – yes. My summer was „endless“ and spectacular.

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