Green Smoothie with Basil Seeds

What’s hot, what’s new? Last week I talked to the Marketing Natives about my 10 personal commandments of success. One of them is "be up to date on what's hot and what's new". And what's hot at the moment are basil seeds which belong to the superfood family and are cousins of the ubiquitous chia seeds.
In order to read up on the the latest food trends, we usually have to peer across the Atlantic to the US, but when it comes to this particular healthy and versatile food, we don't have to look far: there is a delicious basil seed superfood drink on the market in Austria already. It's called FRIYA“ and is a real eye catcher with its red colour and floating black basil seeds.

FRIYA! Sounds like free ya! Suits my spring motto „free yourself, get clean, get healthy“! And how will I do that? I'm going to try and detox, do a bit of a purge, as they say. Detoxing has been an ongoing trend for a while now, and a good thing it is - your body occasionally needs a little reset and detox is the ideal way to do that. Just abstain from acidic foods like alcohol, coffee, green tea, black tea, cheese, dairy, meat, white flour and sweets just for a while, it'll have a rejuvenating effect on our immune system and our skin as well as our general wellbeing.

I tried mixing my good old green smoothie with this FRIYA basil seed superfood drink and it didn't just turn out twice as healthy, but also twice as delicious. The basil seeds in the FRIYA drink have a purifying effect, making you feel full for a while and curbing your appetite for sweets and junk food - Sounds like the ideal detox drink to me! Also, it's yummy and a great energy boost in between meals.

Twice as healthy - how is that possible? I've written a little summary of what's in those little black basil seeds. Here it is:

- they maintain our body's water balance

- they provide lasting energy

- they regulate satiety

- they have a positive effect on blood sugar levels

- they raise endurance

- they support digestion

- they're great for our skin

- they have a purifying effect

- they're refreshing - particularly during the summer months

- they inhibit sweet and junk food cravings

Basil seeds are also ideal during detox phases, as they're said to have a positive effect on our mood and to counteract depression, migraine, nervousness and fatigue.
So start a successful battle against springtime lethargy and do yourself some good with these small black kernels: have a FRIYA drink once in a while or mix it up with a smoothie.
Watch this space - I will definitely experiment with this superfood drink some more and create delicious FRIYA recipes for you in the future.

This post has been created in warm cooperation with FRIYA 


Green Smoothie with Basil Seeds

2 large smoothies


  • 1 bottle of FRIYA Basil Seed Drink
  • 1 lime
  • ½ bunch parsley
  • 50g baby spinach
  • 1 green apple
  • 1 banana
  • ½ avocado
  • a few leaves of romaine lettuce (optional)
  • water


  1. Wash, shake or spin dry, pick and shred the parsley in a food processor. Wash the spinach and lettuce, shake or spin dry and add to the mix. Quarter and core the apples, peel and chop the banana and add both to the food processor as well.
  2. Halve the avocado lengthwise and pit it. Scoop out the pulp and add to the mix. Squeeze the lime and add the juice and some water to the mixture as well (use as much or as little water as you like). Mix thoroughly.
  3. Fill your green smoothie into glasses and pour some FRIYA-Basil Seed Drink over it.