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Oscars, Michelin and Other Stars

It’s crystal clear – stars appear in movies and in the circus and Oscars are awarded for best actor/actress, screenplay, direction, music and more. Those other stars, the Michelin kind, are bestowed on top chefs. Does this all mean there’s no chance for people like us to ever get one of those coveted trophies? Maybe there is…

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Traybake Cereal Bars

Feel like ingratiating yourself with the neighbours this New Year? Or trying to sell your house or apartment? Easy peasy: just bake a tray of cereal bars. You’re now probably trying to figure out how selling real estate is related to cereal bars – well, it isn’t really. Yet indirectly, it is. I recently read that wafting the scent of baked goods through a property encourages a potential buyer to make a positive decision, and faster. The smell of something baking in the oven apparently makes people feel safe and reminds them of home. And these cereal bars emanate a particularly seductive aroma, so in my opinion, they’re the ideal sales tool – and subsequent reward! Wishing you a happy and successful New Year 2014… 

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