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All Around the World & Moroccan Chickpea Stew

Eating is a complex thing. There are various guidelines and flavours depending on geography and culture, just like in language, fashion and the arts. Ethnic characteristics in particular are significant – different countries have different customs, and that includes cuisine, food presentation as well as table etiquette.

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Exploring the Lifestyle & Culinary Side of Amsterdam

What a great way to start the New Year. First thing, on the 2nd of January, I flew to Amsterdam to see my good friend Sophie and to explore the city with its cool cafés, restaurants and shops.


Cooking class in Bali

Although I love winter, I often get strong sense of WANDERLUST around this time of year. There is a correlation, I’m sure, between the run-up to New Years Eve and a deep reflection of the passing year. Both made me realise that firstly, I wished I had a plan for New Years Eve, and secondly, I actually wanted to fly far away, preferably to a warm country. While I was assailed by these yearning thoughts, I kind of mentally beamed myself back to a Bali-based surf camp called the Balicamp and to the amazing food and the inspiring cooking classes I attended there. So I finally wrote down all those delicious Balinese recipes we cooked and ate at the camp, plus a glossary for all the spices and most frequently used ingredients in Balinese cuisine.

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Bali Love

Read everything about surfing in Bali, enjoying the best local food and participating in a Balinese cooking classes. Get the whole story here, along with Balinese recipes and pictures of my amazing holiday there in October 2013.

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