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BBQ season kick-off!

Last weekend, I officially launched this year’s BBQ season with some friends. Finally, summer is upon us and it’s time to throw some stuff on the grill. Today, I’ve got some meaty tips for your own early summer BBQ.

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Fondue Dip & “Punschkrapferl” Petits Fours – Happy New Year!

And it’s the end of the year again! I don’t know about you, but for me, 2014 just flew by. Maybe because it was one event after the other, maybe because I experienced so many amazing things, worked incredibly hard and enjoyed a ton of unforgettable, happy and funny moments – but 2014 was definitely my year.


Apple Chutney in the new SPAR HEIMAT

Straight from the Garden of Eden: the apple  Scene 1: Eve passes an apple from the tree of knowledge to Adam. Scene 2: The Wicked Queen offers the shiny, red half of an apple to Snow White. It’s all halfsies with deadly consequences: in scene 1, it means getting thrown out of Paradise, in scene 2 it’s attempted murder of a princess by means of poison. One thing is certain: the apple is a seductive indulgence!

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Homemade Pesto

For pasta of all shapes and sizes, for vegetables, for pizza, as a dip, as a present…. I am of course talking about pesto. An extremely versatile indulgence, in my humble opinion, you can make it with leftover seeds and herbs (provided they were fresh in the first place) and it’ll improve many different dishes. You can even dress it up nicely and give it away as a gift.


The Avocado – Our Favourite Green Berry

Did you know that the avocado belongs to the berry family? No? Here’s some more information on the greenest of berries plus my delicious guacamole recipe…

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On traditional Christmas dinners and divine fondue dips

It’s the big question, isn’t it: what do you serve at Christmas? In Austria, sausages and fish dishes are apparently highly popular. In Salzburg it’s the traditional Würstelsuppe, a soup made of Mettwurst or, for the classic version, of Vienna Sausages prepared to be eaten on Christmas Eve. In Carinthia, it’s sausage with cabbage. In Lower and Upper Austria the fried carp is traditionally eaten and in Burgenland it’s either that or goose or even smoked salmon. In the Ländle on Christmas Eve, it’s the traditional veal sausages with sauerkraut and an Italian salad. In the Tyrol, people don’t have a go-to dish and might eat anything from game to fish or other types of meat. In my house, we always eat a meaty fondue. Here are a few of my Granny’s fondue dip recipes – hands down “the best in town”.

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