Be a TESTIMONIAL for my cookbook!

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Today is a very special day! I can finally introduce my new cookbook "LIFE CHANGING FOOD" or LFC to you. It is the culmination of a year and a half of brainstorming, intense weeks of cooking, styling and photographing food and creating new recipes. And now I can finally share this most exciting of news.

Try it now - apply to be a tester and testimonial for the LCF principle and try my 21-day program before anyone else. The most inspiring statements and posts will be included in my book, which is available to buy from the 5th of September.

Your mission? Eat according to the Life Changing Food Principle for 21 days. Do something good for yourself, document your experiences and send them to me.

You will get all this in return:

  • A signed copy of the Life Changing Food cookbook, of course

  • A page in the book with all your most amazing quotes

  • Three cookbooks of your choice from Brandstätter publishing house

  • A dinner with me an all the other testimonials

LCF's prinicple is nutrition that rejuvenates us and makes our skin glow, gives us more energy as well as improving our mood, stamina and waistline. In short: food that makes us happy.

The book takes our body's basic needs into consideration: the LCF recipes are tried and true, deliver essential nutrients and support our immune system.
Experience your own personal life changing moment in just 21 days and experience radiant skin and much improved energy levels.

Where can you do this? Just apply using this form and I will come back to you in the next few weeks with more information.

I'm very much looking forward to your comments!