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Homemade Kombucha

When it comes to developing a new recipe, I’m fascinated by unusual ingredients and innovative creations. And there’s always a certain individual surprise effect that turns a new recipe into something extraordinary, best achieved, in my opinion, with ingredients and combinations that seem odd or incompatible at first glance.

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Rhubarb Easter Scones

This English classic isn’t just good for a delicious afternoon tea, but is also a great breakfast dish as well as a very happy partner to matcha tea or turmeric latte. I personally love scones with a homemade compote or jam, topped with whipped coconut milk.


Down Under / AUSTRALIA

Australia isn’t just famous for its many great cafes and restaurants, it’s also an absolute paradise for foodies.

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Quinoa Balls on a Colourful Bed of Leaves

I like a good texture in a dish, particularly in a salad – a crispy, soft, crunchy etc component. This salad right here has it all – and instead of mixing the quinoa under, I’ve turned it into pretty balls.


Australia-Inspired Black Rice Salad

Most of you will have noticed my trip to Australia last month. I went to a ton of restaurants there, sampled their food and once again had to concede that there aren’t many countries I’ve seen with such a large number of unbelievably amazing places to eat. To me, a great restaurant has a creative selection of fresh and delicious dishes, a consistent food concept and a stunning ambience.

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Pizza for Breakfast

Pizza for breakfast? And why the hell not? Particularly if it’s not served in the classic format but instead using breakfast ingredients and presented in a whole new way.

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Lust, die Nachbarn zu betören? Oder daran gedacht, das Haus oder die Wohnung zu verkaufen? Gar nicht so schwer: Backe einfach ein Blech Müsliriegel. Du denkst dir nun bestimmt, wie das gehen soll bzw. was der Verkauf einer Immobilie mit Müsliriegeln zu tun hat?! OK, so direkt haben diese Dinge nun wirklich nichts miteinander zu tun. Aber indirekt. Neulich habe ich nämlich gelesen, dass Kuchen-Backduft in einer angebotenen Immobilie zu einer schnelleren Kaufentscheidung der Interessenten beiträgt. Backduft soll nämlich an ein sicheres und heimeliges Zuhause erinnern. Einen ausgesprochen verführerischen Duft entwickeln die Müsliriegel beim Backen. Daher wären sie meiner Meinung nach die Verkaufshilfe schlechthin – auch beim nachfolgenden Verkosten! Fotos und Rezept für Sonnentor…

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Wild Brownies

Would you like to know how these brownies got their “wild” adjective? I had a friend taste them and guess the ingredients. He had no idea but when I told him that there were white beans in them, he said “ah, a wild brownie”. Pretty wild, these brownies, I have to agree!


Beetroot and Chocolate Cake

Ich bin ein riesen Fan des heimischen Superfoods, der Roten Beete. Die Knolle ist sehr gesund und extrem vielseitig einsetzbar. Viele, die mich hier schon länger verfolgen wissen, was für ein riesen Rote-Beete-Fan ich bin. Die Knolle ist nicht nur wunderhübsch rot, sondern auch sehr gesund und extrem vielseitig einsetzbar.

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Aloha 2018 – Poke Pizza

In my first blog post of the year, I’d like to talk to you about travel. Why? Because I love it. It has shaped who I am and I believe it has contributed much to me being the person I am today. Travelling is definitely my thing.


MUNDART. Trout Ceviche

The project couldn’t have been any more serendipidous. A cookbook, around my home county of Vorarlberg, created with people sharing my passion. When Vorarlberg publishing house edition v approached me with this idea, the only possible answer was yes.

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Super Bowls Cooking Class

In a cooperation with WIENERIN magazine, I had the privilege of introducing recipes from one of my cookbooks again this year, this time from my second one, “Super Bowls”. 20 hobby chefs were welcomed to attend the Siemens cookingClass at the Stilarena.

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