Wild Brownies

Would you like to know how these brownies got their "wild" adjective? I had a friend taste them and guess the ingredients. He had no idea but when I told him that there were white beans in them, he said "ah, a wild brownie". Pretty wild, these brownies, I have to agree!
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Beetroot and Chocolate Cake

Ich bin ein riesen Fan des heimischen Superfoods, der Roten Beete. Die Knolle ist sehr gesund und extrem vielseitig einsetzbar. Viele, die mich hier schon länger verfolgen wissen, was für ein riesen Rote-Beete-Fan ich bin. Die Knolle ist nicht nur wunderhübsch rot, sondern auch sehr gesund und extrem vielseitig einsetzbar.

Aloha 2018 – Poke Pizza

In my first blog post of the year, I’d like to talk to you about travel. Why? Because I love it. It has shaped who I am and I believe it has contributed much to me being the person I am today. Travelling is definitely my thing.

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My love for food...

...probably started when I was a teenager and discovered baking. The cooking came later. When I was 21 years old, I was diagnosed with coeliac disease, an auto-immune disorder resulting in a hypersensitivity to gluten. This required me to take a very close look at what I was eating. The resulting changes in diet signified a huge change in my life and since I had to start reading every label on every food packaging from then on, a keen interest in nutrition followed naturally and so did a change of my major at university: to one in health management.
You will find numerous delicious gluten-free recipes on my blog for this very personal reason.

In my previous job at KochAbo, where I worked from 2013 to 2015, I had to create new recipes daily, cook them and taste them. What a great job that was! I'm a trained nutrition coach, so there's quite a bit of content on that on my blog. In October 2014, I won the AMA Food Blog Award in the category Newcomer and was runner-up at the Food Blog Award Germany in the category Best Design, both accolades a huge honour. Since April 2105, I've been running my own business as a blogger, food photographer, food stylist, chef and consultant for healthy nutrition and menu concepts.

As a trained food photographer and stylist, I hope my images will make your mouth water and want to read on. Alongside recipes, food photography, posts on nutrition and news in the food sector, you can also find my very own food illustrations on this blog.

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